Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Marge

My friend Spencer is playing in a Pride softball tournament tomorrow. Everyone will be dressed as a TV character. Spencer is going as Marge Simpson and asked me to make his costume. No problem I said -- just take a couple of hours. Doh! Six hours later...

Starched a piece of artist canvas till it was good and stiff. (puns were flying everywhere) Then pinned it to his head and sewed a seam.

Rolled up batting to fill the canvas tube. Looks more like a conehead from SNL.

Covered the cone with bright blue fleece.

Put a drawstring on top to make the top rounded.

Added 'snakes' of batting to make it more bumpy.

Cut scallops around the face and added an elastic chin strap. He/she has to run in this get-up!

Made a sleeve at the top of the dress fabric for elastic and sewed in boobies. Less chance of losing them, if they're attached!

Added a couple of tucks in the breasts for shape.

Painted a pair of deck shoes with scarlet red textile paint and sewed a split ring and lobster clasp to some pom-pom rope. All done!

Here he/she is in all her glory....


:Diane said...

Marge would be so proud! Holy Cow, man, that is very creative.

Lisa said...

Love it! But did you really staple it to his head?!? LOL

Gisela Towner said...

Oops!!! That woulda HURT!
No -- I just pinned the seam while it was on his head, although a couple of time I did want to poke after the dress was done and he was trimming a seam, while I was making the necklace, and he cut a hole in the dress! Thank God for Bo-nash...@@

Tanguera said...

Well done. Hope he shaves his chest. I don't think Marge is quite that hairy. Great costume.

ann said...

What a cool, fun outfit. Takes talent and creativity to make this + nerve to wear it. Hope he had FUN!

SCquiltaddict said...

oh shes a beauty...great job